Backpack for Dog Walks & Hikes

hikecollage.jpgDoodie Pack's simple and highly functional saddle bag design features deep pockets on both sides, with many colors featuring Velcro closures. A spilt mesh pocket on one side is perfect for holding water bottles, empty sanitation bags and personal items. An integrated clip secures keys in place, keeping hands free. The solid pocket is roomy and pleated, large enough to hold lightweight rain gear, snacks, a first-aid kit, and cooling and warming packs depending on current weather conditions. Customize by monogramming your dog or organizations name.

Every Doodie Pack is constructed with a perimeter of high quality 3-M Brand reflective safety tape, similarly used by L.L. Bean in the construction of their kid back packs and cargo gear. It has been tested to hold up through multiple washings and it is sewn directly into the seam of the pack rather than as surface taping, as is the case of lesser constructed products. In addition to the built-in safety feature, Doodie Pack is offered in regulation (blaze) orange. This government rated orange is the same used in the construction of safety vests for the Department of Transportation, EMT and police responders, and hunting associations. Dogs wearing Doodie Packs in blaze orange are highly visible at dawn and dusk outings, especially in wooded environments.



Our Customers

"We have a 9-year-old Brittany who developed severe behavioral problems. A trainer suggested we use the Doodie Pack as part of a retraining program. The Doodie Pack gives her a sense of "working" as we added a very small amount of weight to the side pockets. The change in her leash walking has been a 100% improvement. She is always eager to put it on and ready for a walk!" ~ Colleen, Webster

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