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About Us

“Doodie Pack is a lightweight, highly functional, and durable dog backpack in 4 sizes and 8 colors for dogs 3-180 pounds.  Each pack is American-made and features multiple pleated pockets, a perimeter of safety reflective tape, and 3 adjustable straps for a custom fit to keep the load stable.  With a key hook included, Doodie Pack is thoughtfully and simply designed to carry waste-bags, water, and essentials while out on a neighborhood walk or on day hike in the park, keeping your hands clean and free, and “giving your dog a job”! Doodie Pack redefines the relationship between dog-owner and pet giving rescue, service, and anxious dogs a voice through customization. “

We are a company run on entrepreneurial instinct and the many talents of the myriad of individuals on our team. Without them, Doodie Pack wouldn’t be. From its inception, we have had a deeply committed plan to use only domestic manufacturing (NY) and locally-owned vendors to service and support our needs.  Today, thousands of brightly colored Doodie Packs are moving about the country, on dogs 3 to over 200 pounds.

September 2014 marked the 6th anniversary of our launch and from the beginning it has also been about our service to you.  Our greatest pleasure is knowing everyone’s life, and the relationship they have with their dog, improves with a Doodie Pack.  That philosophy has never wavered. At times it gets really busy, and with it the challenge of staying in touch and on top of all the great things that are happening.

When you call, you get me, the owner, and I am just like your neighbor, working hard and raising a family; “doing our best”.  In addition to running Doodie Pack, Kristin, the owner and founder, is a full-time high school science teacher three daughters along with two cocker spaniels. Companies are about who the people are behind them and I am the one behind Doodie Pack.

As we expand, our team members will be like your neighbors too. Our growth so far has come naturally and authentically, not just exponentially.

I sincerely thank you and all our ambassadors and “fans” who have encouraged us to “keep on going”.

Kristin Elliott, inventor-owner, Doodie Pack, LLC.

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