The Doodie Pack Manifesto

We are here to serve you any way we can, and we will persist until we get it right. We listen everyday because you ask us to and we morph as your needs change. Doodie Pack started out as a solution to one problem, but “dignity on a dog walk” is not our only focus. Everyone’s life improves using Doodie Pack. We care about your specific needs and can customize your pack so it “speaks for those who can’t speak for themselves”. We believe in making it affordable, and will work with you if you are a not for profit to make it accessible. We are working together with you because we believe we are of one family- a community. Our dogs are our family. Bringing Doodie Pack’s quality manufacturing home, and builidng it locally means pride and jobs. American jobs. We are the “little guy” with a big heart and a passion to keep it beating strong!. We want to tell your story: that hero story, or love story. Share with us. We strive to leave a lasting impression, or pawprint as some would say. Your impressions, reviews, and photos are our future. We work for the joy of it and we wear it on our face. We measure wealth and success, not in money, but in dogs adopted or service and deaf dogs understood. Sharing your praise with others is our biggest complement and we are grateful you have chosen us.

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