du 002In the fall of 2013, I fell in love with Kanga on a regional rescue’s website. I wasn’t in a position at that time to adopt a dog, but continued to follow her journey as she moved to a deaf dog specific rescue not far from my town. Fortunately, when we bought our house in January 2014, Kanga was still available for adoption. We adopted her three days later!

Shortly after getting Kanga, I started to notice that she was fearful. The things she was scared of were many, but she was especially scared of unknown people and dogs. We started taking behavior modification classes at our local training center and practiced a lot on our own while exploring new environments. While she has become more comfortable, she still gets spooked by unknown people and dogs, especially when they approach her fast or come up from behind her where she can’t see them.

I stumbled upon Doodie Pack after researching ways to clearly identify Kanga’s needs while out in public. She is now the proud owner of a pink Doodie kangaPack that has “Kanga- I’m Deaf, Ask to Pet” along with a “Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts” patch. The pack is so nice to use for any exploration, from walking around town, to mountain biking and hiking. I like the fact that is can carry her treat tube, poop bags, leash and a host of other accessories.

The most important thing we have received from purchasing our Doodie Pack is peace of mind. We’ve received lovely compliments on it and more people are asking

before approaching. This gives me the opportunity to politely decline their advance, while providing Kanga the space she needs to have positive interactions with people.

Emma S.
Missoula, Mt
Angel DoodieThe first time I saw Angel’s picture, our local rescue Dog Bless, was looking for a foster in the summer of 2012. While I missed out on the chance there, little did I know that another opportunity would roll around. In January 2013, one of the founders posted her picture again saying she was in boarding. Floored, I contacted her and asked what was going on, because she had gone to rescue in the summer. Apparently her adopter turned her right back to the shelter without contacting the rescue to tell them things weren’t working out. She was then pulled on her euth date (three strikes – our shelter was still a kill shelter at the time) for another rescue for a true Christmas miracle. Unfortunately, due to some “misunderstanding”, the out of state transport left poor Angel in the cold with the local transport volunteer holding her leash. This is where our paths actually meet. Dog Bless, not having a foster home, boarded her and was actively looking for both a foster and another rescue that would be willing to take on a deaf dog. I was beyond shocked at all this! I immediately filled out my foster app and brought her

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home. I networked and networked (which is how I came across DDR and her profile!) and couldn’t get another rescue to take on her adoption. During this time, she managed to bond with my hearing dog and my cats (not to mention learn a few signs), win over my better half and his family, and just all around come to just make me fall in love with her. So with that, I officially made Angel a part of my family in Feb 2013 and I’m so glad I did.

Angel and Reese DoodieWhen DDR and Doodie Pack decided to run the “Deaf Dogs Hear with Their Hearts” special, I knew I had to get one to celebrate adopting Angel. At the time, I would have to stop people from just reaching down to pet Angel and explain that she was deaf. Walks could be more stressful than going to the vet. That’s when I placed my order for a pack for each of my dogs. Both girls have purple packs with the pink ribbon. Angel’s pack had the DDR logo and with the ribbon, her pack was so busy it was causing issues with placing everything. Throughout the whole order and production process, Kristin and her embroiderer were wonderful to work with! We spoke at great length trying to find ways to make all the embroidery work! I was over the moon when they arrived, especially since we were starting obedience class! They looked so fantastic! Oh, the difference! People notice the pack and ask if they can pet her (or if she was training to be a service/therapy dog – that is a tale for another time) and are genuinely curious on what it takes to care for a special dog like Angel. That alone gives us room to get her attention and not get her super excited. Angel knows that wearing the pack means she’s going on a long walk and will be around lots of people, so she proudly struts her stuff showing off. Plus, adding a little weight to the pack has helped her loose leash walking! I have had many a great conversation over her pack and was asked many questions about both Doodie Pack and DDR.
So from all of us, thank you!
R. Montez

Nitro, WV

We LOVE our Doodie Packs. Even Olive wears hers now. Every day when we walk, we put the harnesses and leashes on the dogs (from Walk In Sync, a great training program), and they patiently wait while we attach their Doodie Packs. It only took a day or two for them to get comfortable with the packs – and now all of them expect to wear it when we’re out. Because there are so many things you can do with a Doodie Pack, I decided to share the ones I’ve thought of – and I invite others to share theirs, too. Ok, here we go:


 While on my Cross County Tail Waggin Tour, I put the Doodie Pack to the ultimate test with a hike in the back country of Utah’s Great Salt Lake!  See, I’m so serious about testing out products I go across the country just to give you accurate reviews … hehehe.  Actually, I was out there for a conference, but still, it was a working trip.  I know what you are thinking … what is a Doodie Pack?  It is a doggie backpack! (more…)

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