Finally, a simple pack that fits adequately and accomplishes our goal!

Our 17 lb. Miniature Pinscher needs A LOT of exercise. This pack allows us to walk her carrying varying weights giving her (and us) the workout needed.

She is now carrying 3 lbs in each pocket! We purchased fishing lead weights that fit nicely in the small pockets. The pack is well made and she looks great wearing it. Thanks to Doodie Pack we have a healthier dog and a happier owner!

— Neusa Fraser

Just wanted to say that I love the Doodie Pack I purchased for my dog Quincy. I was visiting my sister in Penfield, NY at the end of May, during Canal Days, and that is when I bought this great product. I was concerned about the fit but no problem, it fits great and my dog loves wearing it. I am very happy with it- Thank You!

~ Sarah, Boston, MA

Thank you again for all of your help with this. I got the pack yesterday and just wanted to let you know that it works perfectly with the harness! It sits back in just the right area so that the harness doesn’t interfere at all with any of the pockets. I figured I’d pass that along in case any future customers have a similar harness.
Take care,

~ Kelly

I have to share that I am in love with this pack I purchased for Abby. We went for a run the other day and it was hard trying to carry the keys and everything I needed to take with me. I got this pack the other day and it worked out so perfectly! Abby was able to carry our keys, waste bags, and I think the pack design really helped to keep her focused for our run. She did great! Thanks DoodiePack!


My daughter (and Grandpuppy) love your product and the idea behind it. Riley proudly carries his own “poop bags”, collapsible water dish, her cell phone, keys – whatever. And somehow wearing the pack gives him some extra security. If that makes any sense. My daughter is constantly telling people about your product and gives them the name of your site if they happen to ask her about what he is wearing.

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